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28-29 June 2016, Joannides Main Offices, Nicosia

The seminar included a detailed presentation delivered by Mr. Panayiotis Nicolaou, External Consultant as well by our Audit Manager, Mrs Andri Antoniou. This practical seminar helped the participants to enhance their understanding regarding important aspects on Anti – Money Laundering and understand their crucial role as a first line of defense against money laundering. Also, participants were updated regarding audit planning and audit programmes and audit procedures in general as well as being informed about the new and revised Auditor’s report. The seminar included an interactive presentation combining theory and reference to real cases.

Courses Objectives

• Provide an understanding of what Money Laundering is and how it can affect an organization

• Provide general understanding of the Anti-Money Laundering laws

• Discuss  the duties and responsibilities emanating from AML Legislation

• Develop participant’s knowledge regarding recognition and prevention of suspicious transactions

• Discuss “Know Your Customer” requirements

• Discuss real Money laundering case studies

• Provide an update on Audit procedure and documentation

• Indicate common deficiencies in Audit

• Developments and updates in audit reports and auditing developments