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Search of staff is not an easy task. According to the departmental heads' of personnel management words, in order to find a personnel who will correspond to the relevant customer needs and requirements, it is necessary to carry out a great job.

  • The seminar included a detailed presentation delivered by Mr. Panayiotis Nicolaou, External Consultant as well by our Audit Manager, Mrs Andri Antoniou. This practical seminar helped the participants to enhance their understanding regarding important aspects on Anti – Money Laundering and understand their crucial role as a first line of defense against money laundering. Also, participants were updated regarding audit planning and audit programmes and audit procedures in general as well as being informed about the new and revised Auditor’s report. The seminar included an interactive presentation combining theory and reference to real cases.

For search and selection of necessary staff, a variety of means from the arsenal of psychological science is used : biographical questionnaires, standardized and non-standartized interviews, jobs, modelling work and situational exercises, tests on achievement, personality, intelligence and abilities, polygraphic examinations and much more.


It cannot be said that the use of psychological methods is absolutely devoid of any complications.Though many years of experience in the use of funds in a competitive environment influence on details such as drafting employment contracts, ensuring full motivational package.


There are some psychological techniques borrowed from abroad and their adaptation in the vast majority of cases has been reduced to minimum. As a result, practices that still somehow can be used in search and selection of personnel do not meet basic requirements of psychrometric.